Federal Group proudly sent a Helping Hand to Nepal, for our very own team member Arbindra (Bindy) Bogati to assist his family in rebuilding their home. In April 2015, Bindy’s family lost their home in a devastating earthquake that killed more than 8,000 people and injured more than 21,000.

Several of Bindy’s co-workers in the Corporate Finance team nominated him for a Helping Hand. He is travelling to Nepal in November, to spend six weeks re-build his family home.

“The house partially collapsed (during the earthquake) posing a threat to our neighbours on either side, (so) the remaining bit had to be knocked down bits by bits,” Bindy said.

“We are renting three rooms at the school nearby where my sisters, uncles and their family along with my grandma live. However mom and dad have been living in a carport next to our old home since the earthquake (which is now done up with bricks around).

“There were 14 people living in our family home which was built by my grandpa in three different floors. The floors were each assigned to one family (between three brothers).

“$1000 AUD will be equivalent to around 80,000 Rupees when converted into Nepalese currency. This could buy us around 67.5 bag of cements or 8,526 units of bricks, which will be an addition to the construction material required to rebuild the house.”

We wish Bindy and his family the very best.