COPE Transport

Transport has always been part of the DNA of our company.

Founded in 1989, COPE Sensitive Freight is the fourth transport company owned and operated by the Farrell family over the generations.

The first was D.S. Farrell, a carrying company established by Denis Farrell in 1900, the great-grandfather of our current Managing Director and CEO, Greg Farrell.

D.S. Farrell was run for many years by successive family members until Greg Farrell Senior embarked upon a new transport business in the 1950s called Rex Transport, in partnership with a long-standing colleague from university named Gordon Barton.

The Australian market was growing rapidly during this period and manufacturers were keen to sell their goods nationally rather than solely within their own home states. Interstate transportation was still in its infancy in Australia and Rex Transport saw this as a massive opportunity.

However, Farrell and Barton were not the first to think of interstate parcel delivery. In 1955 a company named Interstate Parcel Express Company (IPEC) which had been started in Adelaide with two trucks began offering overnight door to door interstate delivery. The service proved to be hugely successful and their business grew rapidly to a nationwide fleet of 250 trucks.

In 1962, having heard through the grapevine that IPEC owners were considering a sale, Rex Transport staged a successful takeover of its greatest competitor IPEC. The merged entity led to the creation of the most successful transport empire Australia had ever seen. Within three years the fleet of IPEC trucks had grown to 300 and the company provided service to an incredible 20,000 clients.

Over the next few years IPEC would go on to develop a solid reputation as the best mode of transport for goods around the country. Its careful and skilled staff were trusted with the most sensitive of freight including lion cubs, costumes for the touring band ABBA and even Jackson Pollock’s $1.2 million Blue Poles painting.

This long and proud history in transport has provided a great foundation for the transport company currently owned by Federal Group – COPE Sensitive Freight.

COPE is Australia’s largest independent specialist sensitive freight carrier. With depots located in all capital cities and major centres, we provide a fast and reliable specialist service, handling and distributing sensitive equipment for our customers.

With a company motto of “small enough to care, big enough to deliver”, COPE is a business built completely around the needs of our customers. We pride ourselves on our adaptability and proficiency in responding to a diverse range of requirements and services. Our highly professional people are focused upon providing a ‘boutique’ service dedicated to ensuring that sensitive freight is treated with the care and attention that it requires.

If you would like further information about COPE Sensitive Freight, please visit our website.