Maileen Silverstri, from the Country Club, excitedly shared a $1000 Helping Hand with Filo Play.

The organisation provides support to mothers and children in Tasmania’s Filipino community.

“It provides an opportunity for Filipino mothers to learn more about Australia’s way of life and still expose their children to the values and culture of Filipinos,” Maileen said.

Maileen, who works at the Watergarden restaurant, said Filo Play helped her overcome the struggles of settling into a new country when she first moved to Tasmania.

“I was an active member of this group before my children were ready for school,” she said.

“It helped me a lot in coping with so home sickness and facing the challenges of raising our children without the usual support of extended family.”

Filo Play will use the $1000 Helping Hand to go on a camping trip, providing families with an opportunity to explore Tasmania’s landscapes and establish a stronger support group.