COPE’s Victorian Revenue Controller Dee Bonello was thrilled to share a Helping Hand with the Hayden Butler Foundation.

The foundation advocates suicide prevention and awareness, aimed predominantly at young sportspeople, particularly in rugby league.

The foundation was set up in memory of Dee’s cousin, aspiring league player Hayden Butler.

“The organisation demonstrates, communicates and educates people about the clear message that there are better choices available than suicide,” Hayden Butler Foundation vice president Mei Hall said.

Mei said the $1000 Helping Hand would assist the foundation to provide professional development workshops that educate young people, families, coaches, mentors and communities about suicide ideation and effective coping mechanisms to help young people striving to achieve their ultimate goals.

It will also help the organisation provide a referral directory of reputable and established support groups, assist in developing an ongoing partnership with the NRL Association, and help Hayden’s mum Roberta Butler continue to share her story at schools, businesses and sports clubs.