When TSG Infrastructure Engineer Andrew Stott isn’t in the office you’ll find him at the Kingston Fire Brigade.

Andrew has been a volunteer member of the brigade for 20 years and recently nominated the group for a $1000 Helping Hand to help purchase a new chainsaw.

Andrew said the brigade’s 25-year-old chainsaw had finally lost its puff.

“This piece of equipment has the potential to save the lives of fire fighters and members of the public,” he said.

“We use it to remove fallen trees and debris, to clear roads and provide safe escape routes.”

Andrew is the brigade’s 2nd Officer and the crew is made up of 30 volunteers. They’re committed to educating the community about fire and emergency safety. Great job Andrew and thank you for nominating the Kingston Fire Brigade for a Helping Hand!

Pictured: TSG Infrastructure Engineer Andrew Stott and Kingston Fire Brigade Chief Faron Wall.