For most people simply conquering the Point to Pinnacle is feat enough. But for Sandy Bay man Peter Wheatley, the “world’s toughest half marathon” was the final leg in a gruelling month of marathons.

Peter ran a marathon each day for 31 days to raise money for Water for a Village, a charity set up by his wife Catherine to establish water wells in Ethiopian communities.

Federal Group was proud to present Peter with a $1000 Helping Hand when he crossed the finish line of the Point to Pinnacle, at Wrest Point, at the end of his final marathon.

“I’m a bit of a nutter I suppose, but it’s to support Catherine’s charity, which raises the plight of people who don’t have access to water,” Peter said.

“A marathon is the distance from a well to the nearest town and the women walk eight hours a day to carry 75kg of water on their backs, just for their families.

“The mountain where Catherine builds the wells is twice the height of the (Mount Wellington) pinnacle.

“Point to Pinnacle is an iconic event and it was about building opportunities for conversations with people about the work of the charity.”

Catherine fell in love with Ethopia walking through the Simien Mountain National Park and wanted to make a difference in the lives of the people who live there in complete poverty and challenging conditions.

Catherine started Water for a Village, which builds wells to provide improved access to water.  Peter raised more than $20,000 in total, which will create five new wells.

“I’ve actually done it quite easily,” Peter said of his month-long effort. “It comes down to motivation and I had a great reason to do this.”

In saying that, Peter will spend the next month on crutches after suffering a stress fracture in his hip, upon finishing the Point to Pinnacle.

And while he jokingly blamed it on a mistimed hug from Catherine at the finish line, Peter concedes it was probably built up over the month.

“It’s not exactly how I wanted to end, but it was a tremendous month,” he said.

“Apart from this, I’m actually feeling really good.”

Federal Group Executive General Manager of Corporate Finance and Company Secretary Colin Dewhurst nominated Peter for a Helping Hand.