Responsible Gambling

Federal Group has a long and proud history of supporting responsible gambling practices in Tasmania. Our company is strongly supportive of a regulatory environment that is stable and strikes the right balance between harm minimisation, individual freedom and industry development.

The Tasmanian gambling environment is heavily regulated to ensure security, probity and appropriate harm minimisation. We believe that a tightly regulated environment of gambling products is a crucial component in maintaining a well-managed sector with very low levels of problem gambling (0.5% in 2015).

In addition to our casinos, through our business unit Network Gaming, we work very closely with hotels and clubs with gaming. There is regular communication and genuine commitment to ensure that all venues support the exclusion program and provide information to patrons about services available to assist with problem gambling. Network Gaming also conducts mystery shopping of all venues to ensure that they are appropriately committed to responsible gambling.

Responsible Gambling Managers

At both of Federal Group’s casinos, a Responsible Gambling Manager coordinates harm minimisation activities. These are important and senior positions with Wrest Point and Country Club. To ensure their independence, the two Responsible Gambling Managers work outside of the gaming department and in non-revenue generating parts of the business. They also report directly to the General Manager and form part of the senior management group.

Responsible Gambling Managers have considerable autonomy to make decisions and to conduct investigations into player protection matters at Wrest Point and Country Club. They have access to all player information, staff and surveillance footage. Importantly, Responsible Gambling Managers regularly “walk the floor” to assess gambling behaviour and discuss any relevant issues with staff.

Responsible Gambling Managers also ensure that all responsible gambling information on the property is up to date and they are a resource for staff to consult with regard to player protection issues.

Gambling Industry Group (GIG)

Federal Group has been a long term leader in bringing the industry together and discussing with regulators the best ways to ensure responsible gambling. Through the leadership of our CEO and Managing Director, Greg Farrell, we have been instrumental in establishing the Gambling Industry Group (GIG) in Tasmania. The GIG is a forum where information is shared, common issues are discussed, and industry approaches to tackle problems are devised and agreed.

The GIG has been in place since 1997 and involves the major gambling industry businesses and representative organisations in Tasmania. In addition, representatives from the Department of Health and Human Services and the Office of the Commissioner for Licensing are represented to present information and take part in the discussions.

Responsible Conduct of Gaming

Federal Group strongly supports the training of all gaming related staff through the Responsible Conduct of Gaming program (RCG).

Federal Group also strongly supports the Tasmanian Gambling Exclusion Scheme and the Gamblers’ Helpline (1800 858 858). These resources allow any gamblers or family members that are concerned about their gambling to seek help and support, and to exclude themselves from gambling venues. All Federal Group gaming staff work together to implement the scheme and to provide support to any patrons to ensure that they can keep their gambling under control.

Information and Awareness

Federal Group has a strong commitment to the provision of responsible gambling awareness products and education programs to patrons. Our aim is to ensure that gambling patrons in venues are aware of the risks of problem gambling and have access to the advice and support that they may require.

While the majority of our patrons have control over their gambling and treat it as an enjoyable recreation, there is always the risk of some patrons having issues of control. We therefore consider it a crucial component of being a responsible provider of gambling services to provide as much information and assistance as possible to all of our patrons. Our company is a strong supporter of education and awareness raising programs and initiatives such as Responsible Gambling Awareness Week.