Vantage Group

Established in 1999, Vantage Group is a business unit of Federal Group set up to operate the freehold community-based hotels and bottleshops owned by our company.

Community Hotels

Vantage Group currently manages 12 hotels spread right across Tasmania which provide a combination of bar, gaming, bistro, accommodation and entertainment services. The hotels are each distinctively branded to better service the requirements of the local communities in which they are situated. Both divisions of the group display a strong sense of community and are regularly involved in activities that support the local areas in which it operates.

The hotels are traditional suburban pubs that offer customers a friendly and comfortable social environment in a community close to where they live. They have a firmly established service culture which is regularly recognised as industry best practice. The hotels are often homes to various community groups including darts and 8-ball teams.

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In 2006, Federal Group purchased the 9/11 bottleshop retail liquor business. Since that time six new outlets have been developed. The chain currently operates 20 retail liquor stores across the state, providing great product range, excellent service and product knowledge at convenient locations.

While operating under a convenience model, the 9/11 brand is represented by distinct channels throughout Tasmania. There are a number of traditional hotel-attached sites, stand-alone sites and more recently the brand has expanded into supermarket centres around the state. The range, service, promotions and layout are all tailored to meet the unique needs of the customers that each channel services.

The 9/11 bottleshop business is deeply embedded in the various communities in which they operate. This is illustrated by the extensive number of sponsorship arrangements that 9/11 has with a wide variety of sporting clubs across the state. This strong tie to Tasmania is also displayed by a number of strategic partnerships that 9/11 has with many local producers through joint ventures and exclusive offerings.

The emphasis upon local produce is perhaps best exemplified at the Gasworks Cellar Door, located in the heart of Hobart’s dock precinct. This exclusively Tasmanian wine experience was specifically established to introduce customers to the wonderful cool-climate wines of the state and give them some background on the colourful characters that have shaped the island’s winegrowing heritage.

In 2013, 9/11 launched a retail website for the Gasworks Cellar Door that focuses purely on showcasing Tasmanian wineries. The website has recently been expanded to include many of Tasmania’s internationally acclaimed local spirits (

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