Migrant support group YoungMile received a $1000 Helping Hand thanks to Saffire Guest Services Manager Jillian Vincent.

YoungMile is an innovative program for 10 southern Tasmanian refugee-arrived community members aged 25-35. The program is run by Dr Ann Blatra-Ulloa and PhD candidate Alphonse Mulumba at UTAS, and provides skills development workshops as well as community or industry-based mentoring for aspiring leaders.

“I wanted to support YoungMile because it is a unique and incredibly valuable program that provides born young leaders the opportunity to become the best leaders they can be,” Jillian said.

“These young people are already leaders within their communities, but I know they have benefitted immensely from the program. Some have even hosted major community events.

“This is an incredible group of hardworking and inspiring young leaders and a real asset to the Hobart community.

“They are overwhelmed to receive the generous support from the Federal Group through the `Helping Hand’ program.”

Jillian’s daughter Kate is a UTAS research assistant who supports YoungMile.

To further develop their leadership and event management skills, YoungMile participants are hosting a BBQ for prisoners and their families at Risdon Prison.

The $1000 Helping Hand will help fund transport for families attending the event and food costs.